Plastic Cobra D-Lock clip to fasten
decking boards

Cobra® D-Lock, the reference in standard clips for fastening wood or composite decking boards

Invisible standard fastening system for all types of decking boards with a width of 90 to 150mm and a minimum thickness of 20mm. The sleepers will preferably have a width of 70mm.

The Cobra D-Lock is composed of :

  • 110 fastening clips size: 23 x 60 x 8 mm
  • 15 Start/End clips
  • 250 stainless steel screws: 5 x 25 mm
  • 25 stainless steel screws: 5 x 40 mm
  • 1 Drilling template
  • 4 board spacers: DECKSPACER

1 kit covers a surface area of 4m2

(with an average 50cm spread between sleepers and 140mm wide boards.)


Download Download the manual for installation of the Cobra D-Lock clip (in .pdf format)

Simplified assembly :

The assembly video explains the 4 installation steps and the use of the different items supplied in the kit:

1 – START : Placing and fastening of the first board with the Start/End clips.

2 – NEXT : Fastening of the following boards which fit together with the standard Cobra D-Lock.

3 – CROSS-SECTION : Fasten 2 boards at their junction on the same 70mm wide sleeper

4 – END : Fasten the last board with the help of the Start/End clip

Assembly video :

Cobra® D-Lock, the steps for assembly of your decking boards

Numerous advantages

Improve the life span of your decking

Cobra D-Lock clips are 8mm thick. This thickness isolates the decking board from the sleeper. In this manner, the clip allows for the proper circulation of air and water between the sleeper and decking board.

This is an advantage with regards to traditional fastening systems which press the board against the sleeper.

A fiberglass-reinforced polymer clip

Our clip withstands over 250kg before distortion and over 350kg before breakage. The COBRA D-LOCK structure is designed with numerous reinforcements and is produced in a POM-type polymer material: polyoxymethylene.

With its structure and high crystallinity, POM offers very good physical characteristics: high tensile strength and shock resistance; excellent fatigue strength; very good resistance to chemicals. This material is particularly resistant to extreme temperatures (-30°C to +50°C).

Easy installation with the drilling template.

The Cobra D-Lock is simple to install with the help of the drilling template which comes with the kit. This metallic bracket makes it possible to pre-drill the decking board directly.

The Cobra D-Lock clips are then quickly screwed down with no position errors.

Kit complete with DECKSPACER

The Cobra D-Lock comes with 4 Desk Spacers. When installing, the board's moisture content with regards to the air's hygrometry must be taken into account. Refer to DTU 51-4 for additional details.

The boards must have a minimum distance of 4mm so rainwater and small waste can move freely.

Download Download the manual for installation of the Cobra D-Lock clip (in .pdf format)