Cobra 18 / 20 / 24 mm Clips The stainless
steel clips
in 3 sizes for wood
and composite decking

Clip terrasse Cobra

The invisible Cobra® stainless steel clip is the ideal fastener for the installation of decking.

Developed by a team of engineers specialized in wood and the construction of wood decking, the Cobra® clip is the result of over 5 years of study and constant improvement. It was designed to offer a simple, effective and long-lasting solution for fastening decking boards.

Developed in partnership with the Lille Laboratory of Mechanics (France), the Cobra® clips offer incomparable manufacturing qualities and product life (304 stainless steel clip, guaranteed corrosion-resistance, fast and simple installation, attractive and invisible as the black color does not reflect light, constant spacing between boards, removable clip, etc.) These advantages make the Cobra clip the necessary clip for installation of decking.

The Cobra fastener clips are available in 3 sizes and are adapted to all types of grooved decking boards

  • The Cobra 18 decking clips are adapted to grooved decking boards with a maximum height of 18 to 20 mm.
  • The Cobra 20 are adapted to decking boards with a height of 20 to 22 mm.
  • The Cobra 24 to boards with a height of 24 to 26 mm.

For example, these clips are ideal for the assembly of a composite decking with Fiberon boards.

Cobra 18

Cobra 18

Cobra 20

Cobra 20

Cobra 24

Cobra 24

Start/end Cobra clips: to start and end the decking installation

To start the installation of decking boards from the wall, we developed a range of Start/End clips dedicated specifically to that use.

With these start and end clips, you can lay decking boards in the most attractive manner, the clips are invisible to the eye while remaining extremely quick and easy to install.

Note: available only in sizes 20 and 24 mm

clip de début/fin cobra WPC

clip de début/fin dessin technique

Advantages of the Cobra clip

Inalterable 304 stainless
steel clip

Clip Cobra® installé avec lame de terrasse Fiberon Professional (gris)

Composed of stainless steel, the rust-resistant Cobra® clip and its screw withstand extreme temperatures, insects, salt, detergents, chlorine, freezing and permanent moisture.

Invisible decking clip

Clip Cobra® invisible après installation des lames de terrasse

Inserted between the decking boards, the Cobra® clip is covered in a black matte paint to avoid reflections off the stainless steel.

Quick and simple installation

Le clip Cobra® permet une pose simple et rapide des lames de votre terrasse en bois

The Cobra® clip reduces decking installation time by 30% compared to a screwed down installation. With its self-drilling screw, only a simple bit (supplied) is required to attach the Cobra® clip to the sleeper (see assembly video).

Attractive and safe

Clip Cobra® installé avec lame de terrasse Fiberon Horizon (rosewood)

With the Cobra® clip, you can say good-bye to poorly aligned and visible screws that can wound bare feet, good-bye to wood splinters and cracked boards.

Removable decking clips

A special bit with a long head is supplied so you can screw (or unscrew) between two boards. As a result, the Cobra® clip is accessible and can be removed between the boards.

A major advantage when you need to replace a bad board without taking apart the entire work.

Cobra clips: physical testing

Cetim Cermat Our clips are subject to extreme physical testing conducted in partnership with the Cetim Cermat Laboratory.

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Clip packaging

Conditionnement des clips Cobra

Cobra clips are sold in packs of 90 clips which cover an area of 4m2, in boxes of 10 packs (900 clips) to cover an area of 40m2, or in master cartons of 20 packs (1800 clips) to cover 80m2.