Cobra Wrench the revolutionary board straightener

Cobra Wrench, redresseur de lames

The Cobra Wrench® is an ergonomic and innovative decking board straightener that is one-of-a kind in the market.

It makes it easy to straighten decking boards victim to warping, bowing, and "banana effects" so you gain precious time when laying deck platforms.

Straighten decking boards simply with no effort

Its studied shape adapts perfectly to all sleeper types. Laying a twisted or warped board becomes child's play!

The two lugs at the end of the handle are locked onto the sleeper. With its leverage system, the force applied is multiplied. The Cobra Wrench® then pushes against the misshapen board and blocks it in a straight position so both hands are free to easily fasten with screws or clips. A simple movement, several seconds, and the board is straightened. View the 3D demo in the video below.

The Cobra Wrench® comes with 2 different sized stainless steel lugs which adapt to all sleeper sections from a height of 28 to 150mm.

Cobra Wrench

A practical and lightweight tool for time savings when laying decking

Made from aluminum, the Cobra Wrench® is a particularly light tool. It can be used with one hand. Modulable and reversible, it can be used with the right hand or the left hand and so is operational in all situations.

Precious time savings in the installation of decking with professional results for everyone. Discover the Cobra Wrench® board straightener results.

Video: How to use the Cobra Wrench ?