Deck Spacer decking board spacers for wood or
composite decking

Decking board spacers

A certain space between decking boards must be maintained during installation so rain water and waste does not gather on the surface.

The space between the boards differs depending on the type of material: natural wood or composite wood. Composite wood expands lengthwise depending on temperature variations while natural wood changes widthwise depending on moisture variations.

As shown on the dimensional drawing herewith, the Cobra Deck Spacer board spacer is composed of 4 flanges with a width of 3, 4, 5, and 6mm to meet all needs.

The width to use will be a function of the decking board wood type.

Natural wood

For a screwed-down installation, the spacers will regulate and correct the spacing between the decking boards during installation. A minimum 3mm space is required based on DTU 51-4.

Very quick to apply and super resistant, each spacer comes with 4 flanges (4 depths: 3, 4, 5 et 6mm). Each flange is 15mm, which is the minimum distance required for positioning screws along the board edges based on DTU 51-4. Placing the spacer between the edges of 2 boards will guarantee the desired spread and can be used as a screw stop, at 15mm from the outside edge of each board.

Composite wood

The expansion of composite wood decking boards is linear. As aresult, all manufacturers recommend a minimum spread between the ends of the boards to prevent swelling due to temperature differences.

Place the spacers between the ends of the boards to guarantee the desired spread.