Razorspin stainless steel self-drilling screw to fasten decking boards

A stainless steel self-drilling screw for fastening decking boards to sleepers

The Razorspin® A2 stainless steel self-drilling screw simplifies and optimizes the installation of wood decking. Very resistant, the screw fastens the decking boards to the sleepers and efficiently stabilizes the deck platform.

A stainless steel screw for decking

A2 stainless steel that makes up the screw ensures its long-life and the strength of installation. Unimpaired efficiency for decking fastening that is long-lastening with no special maintenance.

The stainless steel screw adapts to all decking wood types (pine, softwood, exotic, composite, etc.)

A self-drilling screw for sleepers

The stainless steel screw for fastening decking is self-drilling; it very easily takes hold in the decking platform with no particular effort.

For even easier fastening of decking, for excellent quality results, use the Cobra Smart Bit tool.

Pre-drill, countersink, screw and it's done! Time savings in decking installation.

The screw quality permits the drilling of all types of woods regardless of density, to rapidly fasten decking boards to sleepers.

An impeccable finish

With its studied design and patented elements, the stainless steel 304 screw offers a unique screw-down quality for professional results and an optimal finish to wood deckings:

Schéma technique de la vis cobra razorspin

Screw head

  • A deep Torx T25 head prevents the release and shifting of the cap
  • Serrated for easy penetration of the head and to limit the risks of breakage, it blocks at the end of the torque
  • Screw head diameter: 8.7mm

Screw body

  • Knurling blocks the board against the sleeper, simplifies the passage of the screw and reduces risk of breakage
  • A system to prevent splitting: a self-drilling screw to avoid damaging the board
  • Intermediary threaded and tightened drilling rod for better gripping of the screw thread and penetration into the decking board