Cobra hidden fasteners 18 / 20 / 24 mm 3 sizes of
stainless steel
for outdoor deckings
in wood and
wood plastic composite

Cobra hidden fasteners for outdoor deckings

Cobra® hidden fastener is the best fastener for the installation of your deck

Developed over 5 years ago by wood and deck construction engineers, Cobra® Hidden fasteners for installing wood and wood plastic deck boards has constantly evolved to meet the changing needs and requirements of professionals and the materials used. Cobra® invisible clip system is simple, economic, and fast to install.

Cobra® hidden fasteners are unique (stainless steel, black oxide coating to avoid light reflections, removable clip etc...) and patented. A innovative stainless steel system for the installation of garden decks that offers a simple, practical, aesthetic and cost-effective laying solution.

Cobra fasteners exist in 3 sizes and are adapted to any type of deck boards with grooved side.

Cobra18 hidden fasteners can be used with grooved deck boards which thickness is between 18 to 20 mm (maximum height). Cobra20 hidden fasteners can be used with grooved deck boards which thickness is between 20 to 22 mm (maximum height). Cobra24 hidden fasteners can be used with grooved deck boards which thickness is between 24 to 26 mm (maximum height). These Cobra fasteners are perfect for the installation of a wood plastic composite deck with Fiberon boards.

Cobra 18

Cobra 18

Cobra 20

Cobra 20

Cobra 24

Cobra 24

Cobra hidden fasteners benefits

Highly rust resistant

Cobra fastener installed with Fiberon Professional deck boards (grey)

Manufactured from stainless steel material, Cobra® fasteners are mechanically strong and can withstand extreme temperatures...


Cobra hidden fastener after deck boards installation

Placed between two deck boards, Cobra® fasteners are perfectly hidden. Their surface is made from black oxide with sealer topcoat which avoids light reflections.

Easy and quick to install

Cobra fastener allows a quick and easy installation of your outdoor decking

Cobra® fasteners reduce your wood deck construction time by at least 30%, comparing to a traditional screws construction. Thanks to its self-drilling screw, Cobra® fastener is easily fixed to the joist. A special bit is provided. (See our installation video)

Beauty and safety

Cobra fastener installed with Fiberon Horizon deck boards (rosewood)

No more screw heads with an imperfect appearance and alignment, dangerous to bare feet, and no more splitting and cracking of the wood at the ends of boards.

Cobra fasteners are removable

A special bit is provided to screw down (or unscrew) between the two boards. Thus, Cobra fastener screw is removable between the boards (see board replacement video).
A considerable advantage to replace a twisted board without having to remove the whole deck.

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Cobra fasteners : mechanical tests

Cetim Cermat Our Cobra Fasteners have been tested under extreme conditions at the french laboratory Cetim Cermat.

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Cobra fasteners packaging

Cobra fasteners packaging

Our Cobra fasteners are sold in a bag of 90 clips for an area of 4m², in a box of 10 bags (900 clips) for an area of 40 m² and also in a master carton of 20 bags (1800 clips) for an area of 80m².