Cobra Liner A revolutionary guide to simplify the installation
of decking boards

A template to simplify decking installation

The metal Cobra Liner drilling template ensures a perfect alignment of the screws when screwing down the decking boards. With its sliding system, the drilling template adapts to all decking board widths and allows for good calibration.

To use the Cobra Liner

The Cobra Liner is placed on the previous board's screws so the following boards are aligned. The template makes it possible to identify the screw position with the 20mm margin with respect to the board edges in compliance with DTU 51-5.

Where 2 boards are joined, positioning the template at the center of the junction gives a 20mm margin at the board end as recommended by DTU to avoid splitting due to screwing down.

Comes with : 4 deck spacers for decking boards


Cobra Liner Video

Prepare the Cobra Liner

Préparation du cobra liner

Steps in decking assembly with the Cobra Liner


Screwing down