Simplify things with COBRA tools for the assembly of
decking boards

View our tools dedicated to the installation of wood decking

Cobra wrench

The Cobra Wrench® is an ergonomic and innovative decking board straightener that is one-of-a kind in the market.

It makes it easy to straighten decking boards victim to warping, bowing, and "banana effects" so you gain precious time when laying deck platforms.

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Cobra liner

The metal Cobra Liner drilling template ensures a perfect alignment of the screws when screwing down the decking boards.

With its sliding system, the drilling template adapts to all decking board widths and allows for good calibration.

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Deck spacer

A certain space between decking boards must be maintained during installation so rain water and waste does not gather on the surface.

Very quick to apply and super resistant, each spacer comes with 4 flanges (4 depths: 3, 4, 5 et 6mm). The width of each flange is 15mm which is the minimum distance to use for positioning screws.

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