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Universal Pedestals NIVO® HD

Universal pedestal for tiles and joists

Quick installation
Supports up to 1200 kg
  • 35 to 480 mm adjustable base for fast and efficient installation
  • Precise height adjustment by means of the reversing system
  • Strong supports up to 1.2 ton in high position. Ideal for terraces in commercial and Heavy Duty use
  • Retains its strength and stability even under intense and frequent stress
  • Allows air circulation under the deck, as well as the passage of cables and ducts.
  • Compatible for tiles, joists, and STRUCTURAL concept
Available Heights
35 to 50 mm
50 to 75 mm
75 to 110 mm
110 to 180 mm
And higher using the extensions
65 to 110 mm height extension
Joist adapter
3 mm tile slab
Max weight
Up to 1200kg on top position

High load-bearing capacity

The strong NIVO® HD pedestal is the ideal support for creating public spaces and heavy duty open spaces.

NIVO® HD keeps its strength and stability even under heavy and frequent use. Made from reinforced material, it is particularly recommended for use with heavier floor coverings such as big size concrete tiles.

The large flat base and rounded edges do not penetrate and compromise waterproofing membranes. 

Various assembly heights

NIVO® HD pedestals are suitable for wooden decks and concrete patios with multiple assembly heights.

NIVO® HD series comes in 4 adjustable pedestals of different heights. Height can be increased by adding extension couplers.

NIVO® HD offers you a modular system: universal, innovative, versatile easy to use! 


NIVO® HD pedestals must be laid on stabilised ground (waterproofing, concrete, sand, etc.).  To avoid growth of vegetation under the deck we strongly recommended laying a geotextile membrane.

StructurAL® compatible

To fix StructurAL® joist on the top of NIVO® HD pedestal, use the joist adapter. 

The joist adapter can also be used of classic timber structure


Holes are provided in the pedestals for optimal positioning of the joist adapter, depending on the joist width.  

Easy height adjustment

Once the adapter and the joist are correctly positioned, the height is easily adjusted using the rotary screw on the pedestal.


The different components

of the HD range

  • Pedestal height 35-50 mm
  • Pedestal height 50-75 mm
  • Pedestal height 75-110 mm
  • Pedestal height 110-180 mm
  • Pedestal extension 65-110 mm
  • Tile cross tab 3mm
  • Joist adapter

Technical documents

  • Product sheet – Universal NIVO HD Pedestal.pdf
  • COBRA-CATA2021-GB.pdf
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