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Cobra® HYBRID 8-18 deck hidden fastener

Easy and quick to install, invisible and removable

Quick to install
AISI304 stainless steel
UV resistant
  • Patented clip (n° DM203548)
  • Pre loaded screw, quick installation
  • Wood and aluminum joist compatible
  • Bi-material clip: Nylon shell and AISI304 stainless steel reinforcement (90 pcs)
  • Screw 4.2x35 mm in stainless steel AISI410 (90 pcs)
  • Resistant to UV and extreme temperatures
  • Color matte black for no light reflection
  • Pulling strength up to 300 kg on exotic joists
  • Removable clip

Cobra® HYBRID concept

The Cobra® HYBRID 8-18 hidden fastener is a bi-material clip, made from strong Nylon and Stainless steel.  The hooks located on each side of the metal plate ensure that your deck boards are held strongly against the joists.

Thanks to the pre loaded screw, Cobra® HYBRID clip allows you to reduce deck installation time by at least 30% compared to a screwing system.

Cobra® HYBRID hidden fastener is universal : it could be used for wood plastic composite decks installed on wood or aluminum joist. 

Installation of the Cobra® HYBRID clip

Clip : AISI304 stainless steel (A2) + Polyamide (Nylon)
Screw: AISI410 stainless steel (C1)
Screw : M4.5mm x 30mm
Stainless steel plate thickness : 1.5mm
Content (1 bag)
90 clips
90 pre-loaded screws
1 Torx bit

Use of Cobra HYBRID 8-18

The Cobra HYBRID 8-18 clip is compatible with WPC and heat treated wood decking boards, for installation on joists made of hardwood, softwood and aluminium. 

Decking material



Thermo-modified wood


Exotic wood





Understructure material


Exotic wood






*Maximum thickness = 2mm

courbe technique de résistance

Pulling strength resistance

The pulling strength resistance test result depends on the joist material : 

  • 320 kg on hardwood joists
  • 135 kg on softwood joists
  • 205 kg on aluminium joists


fixation sur lambourde aluminium et bois

A clip designed for Wood and Aluminium joists

The Cobra HYBRID clip is universal.  It can be used on all types of joists, whether wood or aluminium, thanks to a high-performance screw.  A unique clip designed to suit all decking projects.

The metal plate is made of AISI304 stainless steel, to ensure a solid bond between the board and the joist and reduce the decking board movement in length direction.

Optional : Cobra Start/End clip

The Start/End clip can be used in addition to avoid having visible screws on the deck edges.  Alternatively, Cobra® stainless steel WPC coloured-head screws are available to fix the outer boards of the deck.

Bag content

One bag of Cobra HYBRID 8-18 clips contains:

  • 90 clips
  • 90 screws
  • 1 torx bit


Installing decking boards with the Cobra HYBRID clip

The Cobra® HYBRID clip allows easy one-touch installation of your deck boards.  The screw is preloaded on the clip and ready to be fixed on the aluminum or wooden joists.  

installation du clip cobra hybrid

Cobra HYBRID is removable !

A special long torx bit is provided for screwing (or unscrewing) between two boards.  A major advantage when replacing a damaged board or accessing cables under your decking without having to remove all the decking boards.


1 - Unscrew the clips

2 - Slide the clips to the next board


3 - Remove the damaged board

4 - Position the new board


5 - Position back the clips

6 - Screw to hold the new board

Technical documents

  • COBRA-CATA2021-GB.pdf
  • Product sheet -Cobra HYBRID 8-18 clips.pdf

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