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StructurAL® concept

Aluminum deck framing & support system

25-year warranty
High stability
  • Strong, rot-proof, ultra-light and quick to install thanks to the Cobra Tee-Al clip
  • Superior durability to conventional wood structures in all weather conditions
  • Extends the life of the structure and the guarantee of the decking
  • Excellent mechanical resistance, no deformation, perfect flatness
  • Fast and easy installation

Modular and durable structural system

Structur'AL® aluminium substructure system is the ultimate decking support solution.

Its simple design allows fast installation regardless of the complexity of the project. Designed to support any traditional decking systems, it is the perfect option for all decking applications. 

Structur'AL® is the perfect solution for high-load capacity and also for ventilation and access to drains under the deck structure.

Quick and easy installation

Joist dimensions
Section: 40mmx60mm
Length: 3m
Thickness : 2mm
Joist material
Black matte powder-coated aluminium
6063 T5 alloy
Cobra® Tee-AL hidden fastener
NIVO screwjack pedestal

StructurAL® joist assembly on NIVO pedestal

The aluminium joists are simply attached to the pedestal.  Just press down and 'click' into place

A deck for life!

StructurAL® subframe is rot-proof and longlasting.  Aluminium joists are resistant to all types of climates : salty environments, extreme heat and frost...  Unlike wooden structures, joists are not subject to deformation of any kind. Beautiful straight lines and a quality finish that lasts for many years.


Quick and easy assembly

The aluminium joists are designed to be easily clipped onto the NIVO pedestals .  The aluminium joists are versatile and can be used on both sides: a smooth side for traditional screwing with self-drilling screws and a grooved side for invisible fixing with the Cobra Tee-AL hidden fastener


Components of the StructurAL® concept

  • Bracket (20pcs)
    • - Crossbeam attachment
    • - Dimensions : 35x35x35mm
    • - Self-drilling screws supplied
  • Cobra Tee AL (90pcs)
    • - Suitable for wood & WPC decking
    • - Bi-material clip
    • - Pre-loaded screw
  • Joist connection sleeve (10pcs)
    • - For joist linear connection
    • - Dimensions: 35x175mm
    • - Self-drilling screws supplied
  • Start/end clip (10pcs)
    • - Matte black powder-coated clip
    • - Could be adjusted depending one the deck board thickness
    • - Self-drilling screws supplied
  • Pedestal joist adapter
    • - Connects adjustable pedestals and aluminium joists
    • - Joists are clipped on and off
  • Self-adhesive EPDM tape (20M)
    • - 10 x 5 mm - length 20 m
    • - Vibration and noise reduction
    • - Density: 110 kg/m3 - Shore A: 35
  • Stainless screws (100pcs)
    • - Dimensions : 5.5x40 / 5.5x50 mm
    • - Torx : Deep T20 torx head
    • - Material : AISI316

Technical documents

  • Product sheet- STRUCTUR AL Concept.pdf
  • COBRA-CATA2021-GB.pdf

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