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STRUCTURAL® aluminium decking structure

A high-performance, versatile and sustainable solution

25-year guarantee
Time saving
Very stable
All you need to know
  • Rot-proof - Weatherproof
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Lightweight, dismantable structure
  • Stable and mechanically strong
  • Precision and regularity - Perfect flatness
  • Versatile for laying decking or paving
  • Durable - Performance that never fades

A durable and versatile system

A terrace for life!


The STRUCTURAL® system gives you a rot-proof structure that resists moisture and mould, for an incomparable lifespan.

Aluminium joists are suitable for all types of environments and conditions. Unlike wooden structures, aluminium joists are not subject to deformation or quality decline.

As lightweight, high-performance load-bearing elements, STRUCTURAL joists are perfectly suited to the design of elevated structures on adjustable pedestals or foundation screws. STRUCTURAL can be laid on any type of soil, whether hard, stabilised, loose or waterproof.

Its modularity means it can be used to meet a wide range of requirements, from installing composite or wooden deck boards to laying porcelain stoneware slabs.

The heart of the STRUCTURAL® system

Joist 40 x 60 mm - 4 m and 2.3 m

(FD1900 - NL2853 / FD1892 - NL2846)

Aluminium alloy EN AW 6063 (T5)
 RAL 9005 matt black paint
One side decking and one side paving
Distance between support points 1 metre
Weight: 1.14 kg per linear metre

Joist 80 x 60 mm - 4 m

(FD1893 - NL2847)

Aluminium alloy EN AW 6063 (T5)
RAL 9005 matt black paint
One side decking and one side paving
Distance between support points 2 metres
Weight: 1.72 kg per linear metre

Joist 120 x 60 mm - 4 m

(FD1894 - NL2848)

Aluminium alloy EN AW 6063 (T5)
RAL 9005 matt black paint
One side decking and one side paving
Distance between support points 3 metres
Weight: 2.45 kg per linear metre

STRUCTURAL® brackets

Deck boards jointing square

(FD1895 - NL2849)

Aluminium alloy EN AW 6063 (T5)
For optimal jointing of deck boards
2-metre rail can be re-cut for optimum use
Easy to install with a retaining hook for convenient screwing
Profile to withstand heavy loads

Adapted and re-cuttable

This system for deck boards jointing eliminates the need for double joisting
Can be installed anywhere along the joist, it allows all styles of deck joint
Easy to re-cut, the square can be adjusted to fit all board widths
Ideal for butting a structure mounted on adjustable pedestals

Installation with clips or screws

Compatible with installation using side clips or classic screws
This support provides the surface area needed to place a separate fastener on each end of the board, as recommended for jointing
The aluminium thickness of at least 3 mm ensures a good grip of the screw for firm fixing

The components of the STRUCTURAL® concept

Brackets and accessories

  • Foldable corner bracket
    • • Corner joining piece between joists
    • • Pre-drilled and designed for easy screwing
    • • Foldable to adapt to the geometry of the structure
  • 90° flat angle bracket
    • • For installing vertical elements
    • • Ideal for creating steps
    • • Pre-drilled for easy screwing
  • Fixing bracket
    • • For ground fixing or for double joisting connection
    • • Pre-drilled for easy installation and designed to allow wedging
    • • Allows ballast to be laid on structures not fixed to the ground
  • Butt joint sleeve for joists
    • • For butting joists together
    • • Compatible with all 3 joist sections
    • • 18 cm long with practical centre marking
  • EPDM tape
    • • Self-adhesive strips
    • • 5 mm thick - 10 mm wide
    • • 2 x 10 linear metres
  • Self-drilling stainless steel screw
    • • 16 mm long AISI 410 stainless steel screw with hexagonal head
    • • Drilling capacity in aluminium: 5 mm
    • • Box of 100 pcs - Same screw for all brackets and accessories
  • Finishing angle profile
    • • l 35 x h 60 mm - Length 2 m
    • • Matt black lacquered RAL 9005

Structural® accessories on 40x60 mm joists

All STRUCTURAL® accessories can be applied to the different joist sections in the concept: 40x60, 80 x 60 or 120 x 60 mm.

The sleeve and these brackets allow a huge number of combinations between joists to create many terrace structures to meet any constraints or inspirations.

The purpose of the terrace, the expected loads, the type of soil, the slope to be covered or the elevation of the structure will define which joist section(s) to choose and how to assemble them.

Structural® accessories on joists 80x60 mm

Structure recommended for heavier loads and heavy stresses.

Structural® accessories on joists 120x60 mm

Structure recommended for installation on foundation screws or for extreme loads

Fasteners for decking on STRUCTURAL

Cobra HYBRID clips

Hybrid 8-25 for laying hardwood (FD0984-NL2662)
Hybrid 7-22 for laying bamboo or thermo wood (FD1334-NL2661)
Hybrid 8-18 for laying composite (FD0993-NL2174)

AIR SPACER spacer (FD1040 - NL2619)

Provides ventilation between boards and joists
Compatible with Cobra Hybrid clips and standard screws
Recycled polyamide: UV, heat and frost resistant

Stainless steel screws for aluminium joists

Self-drilling point for wood and aluminium
Deep TORX bit
Size need to fitt the decking board thicknesses

Profile designed for easy installation

(1) 2 guides to perfectly palce the Hybrid clips and the Air spacer
(2) 1 central drilling groove
(3) 3 mm aluminium wall for a firm grip with the screws
(4) 2 side spaces for fitting the EPDM strips

Installation of decking on STRUCTURAL®.

With side clips or screws

Installation of STRUCTURAL® on adjustable pedestals

AL60 clipsing cap for NIVO® pedestals

(FD1357 - NL)

Clipping disc for 60 mm joist to be installed on the NIVO® pedestals

NIVO PLUS pedestals head

(FD1810 - NL)

NIVO+ pedestal head for clipping with a 60 mm joist

Easy, fast and suitable


The joists are simply clipped on and off the pedestals
STRUCTURAL offers a span of 1 to 3 metres between supports, depending on the joist cross-section

Thanks to STRUCTURAL®, the perimeter posts can be hidden by being positioned inside the joist frame. Ideal to install the decking finishing elements.

Installation on a foundation screw

An alternative foundation that meets many level and soil constraints

STRUCTURAL® joists allows a double layers for foundation screw installation
Installation on the foundation screw adjustable head and connection between joists with the STRUCTURAL® fixing bracket
The system offers exceptional spans and overhangs

Level and ground constraints

Joist cross-sections
Maximum spans
60x40 60x80 60x120 Cantilever
0,85 m 1,30 m 1,80 m 15 à 18,5 cm
X 1,15 m 1,45 m 30 à 41 cm
X X 1,30 m 50 à 65 cm

Technical documents

  • COBRA_CATALOG_2024.pdf

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