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Wood deck screws / Aluminum joists

To fix on aluminum joist, with no predrilling!

No predrilling
AISI316 stainless steel
  • AISI316 stainless steel screws: Compatible with areas highly exposed to saline environments
  • Narrow, stepped screw head to reduce wood splintering.
  • Small Head perfectly embedded, optimal pressing
  • Wing for self-drilling of the wood board, and brittle in aluminum
  • Self-drilling point. Aluminium wall drilling up to 3 mm.
  • Deep TORX head for a better drilling power transmission
AISI316 Stainless steel
5.5x40 mm
5.5x50 mm
Aluminum joist
3mm thickness max
Torx T20

2 available sizes

Screw size

Board thickness

M5.5x40 mm

20-22 mm

M5.5x50 mm

22-28 mm


The aluminum thickness should not exceed 3mm

Box content

1 box contains 100 screws + 1 bit (T25)

Installation Precautions : Screw at medium speed.


Technical documents

  • Product sheet – Screws for alu joists COBRA.pdf
  • COBRA-CATA2021-GB.pdf

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