Cobra® HYBRID clip 8-25

Ideal for exotic wood decking

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Cobra® HYBRID clip 8-18

Ideal for composite wood decking

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Aluminium joist

Ideal for long-lasting decking

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Tile pedestals NIVO®

An adjustable stand that's easy to install

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Choose an easier and durable fixing

The Cobrafastener® fastening system has been developed for over 15 years to simplify the installation of wooden decking and, above all, to ensure that wooden and composite deck boards are held in place effectively.

We have always opted for quality in the selection of our raw materials: 304, 410 or 316 stainless steel, depending on the type of use required. The development of the Hybrid bi-material clip with a pre-fitted screw is also an important step in the improvement of our fasteners.

Cobrafastener® also offers tools, an aluminium joist concept and anchors that make your deck easier to build and long lasting.

All types of structure
Time saving
UV resistant

High stability

Cobra® Hybrid: a bi-material clip

The new Cobra Hybrid clip can be adapted to any type of groove thanks to its stainless steel wings on the underside. Building your deck with our clips is much quicker and more efficient. They ensure a firm hold of your deck boards on the joists.

Highly resistant to external attack, the Cobra Hybrid clip can be easily dismantled to facilitate installation under decking.

Our clips are invisible once the decking has been installed, giving the terrace a high quality finish.

The Structural® terrace structure concept

The Structural® aluminium frame concept guarantees you a rot-proof structure with an unlimited lifespan. Structural® structures are resistant to moisture, mould and insects and have a much longer life than wooden joists.

Structural® aluminium joists have a specific design and can be easily clipped onto our NIVO decking pedestals.

Foundation screw: a structure without concrete

The foundation screw is an innovative solution for creating a decking structure on loose soil.

NIVO foundation screws are very easy to install, using either a manual screwing tool or an impact bolt gun. Adjustable brackets are added on top of the ground screw's heads to be connected with the joits.

Building a deck on foundation screws is much easier and quicker than building a terrace on a concrete screed. This is an innovative solution, with fewer constraints and quicker installation.

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