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Tile pedestals NIVO®

Quick to install alternative for terrace tiles

  • Top head with tile support
  • Height adjustment by micrometric jack
  • Supports up to 250 kg (in high position) and up to 1 ton (in low position), compression load on 1/4 of the head of the pedestal
  • Complies with decking installation standards
  • Resistant to UV, atmospheric agents and temperatures between -30°C and +60°C
  • Made from a recycled material and 100% recyclable
  • Allows air circulation under the deck, as well as the passage of cables and ducts.
  • Compatible with the STRUCTURAL concept

Online calculator for tiles and slabs projects

To calculate the number of pedestals required for your deck project, it's easy with our online calculator. Simply enter the surface area of your deck, the joist spanand joist height : our calculator does the rest and gives you the number of pedestals required for your project.


25 to 40mm
40 to 60mm
50 to 80mm
80 to 80mm
80 to 140mm
140 to 230mm
Shock absorbing pad
Extension height - 60mm
Slope corrector from 2 to 5°

Variety of available heights

NIVO® pedestals for concrete, ceramic or wooden tiles are available in 7 heights from 25 to 240 mm, with the possibility of extending them to 530 mm.

All our NIVO® pedestals are height-adjustable with micrometric screws and ensure that your deck tile is laid with total accuracy an flatness.  

NIVO® pedestals have a large base Ø20cm = 314cm². It helps to not penetrate and compromise waterproofing membranes. 

ergot cassé sur un plot

Removable pins

Each pedestal top head is fitted with 4 removable pins that can be used to support any type of tiles: wood, stone, concrete, etc.

Thanks to its rotating screw system, the NIVO® pedestal height is very easy to adjust.

courbe technique de résistance

High compressive strength

NIVO® pedestals have high ultimate compressive strength for various height combinations.


correcteur de pente dalle

Slope corrector up to 5°

NIVO® pedestals can compensate for slopes of up to 5°.  The slope correctors consist of two discs that are assembled and positioned under the base.  Adjustment is made by simply rotating the two discs together. 

Full range

  • 25 - 40 mm
  • 40 - 60 mm
  • schéma du plot dalle avec dimensions
    50 - 80 mm
  • schéma du plot dalle
    80 - 140 mm
  • schéma du plot dalle
    140 - 230 mm
  • réhausse pour plots dalle
    Height extension 60mm
Shock absorbing pad

The shock-absorbing pad absorbs shocks and improves the acoustic comfort of your deck. 

Estension - 60mm

60mm extension for 140-230mm pedestals. Stack up to 5 extensions one on top of eachothers to reach a maximum height of 530 mm while maintaining a stable base. 

Slope corrector 2 to 5°.

The NIVO® Slope Corrector provides a slope correction from 2 to 5%.


Aluminium joist overplot

The NIVO® StructurAL® adapter allows the aluminium joists of the StructurAL® range to be clipped on.

Optional: NIVO® Surplot for clipping on StructurAL® aluminium joists.

The NIVO® slabs can be fitted with a 1 cm thick "Overplot" which fits over the head of the slab between the lugs and allows easy clipping and unclipping of the 40x60mm aluminium joists of the StructurAL® concept.


Technical documents

  • Product sheet- NIVO Pedestal for tiles.pdf
  • COBRA-CATA2021-GB.pdf

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