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Cobra® BITUDECK joist tape

Extend the life of your deck

Simple and fast
  • Protects you deck from moisture and rot
  • Complies with the requirements of decking standards
  • Waterproof - Absorbs sound resonance
  • Matte black color to avoid light reflections between boards
  • Resists tearing, deformation, and temperature variations
  • Easy and convenient to use

Protects the deck substructure from moisture penetration

Cobra BITUDECK® is a waterproofing flashing tape, made from asphat based material which provides an advanced, secure bond to joists that won’t peel off.

Its strong backing will not tear easily, unlike EPDM tapes available in DIY stores. 

Cobra BITUDECK® protects the top of the joist from developing rot and wood decay. It helps deck screws hold longer and stronger than EPDM tape : on below video, you can see how it acts as a barrier between the joist and deck board, how it seals deck fasteners and prevent moisture penetration




Screws sealing and moisture barrier

Roll of 10 linear meters
1.5 mm thick
75 mm wide
Tensile strength
150 N
Nail tear resistance
25 N
Installation temperature
0.3 Mpa, 120 min
Adhesive power

100% waterproof protection

Wooden deck joists are subject to run-off water on their upper surface.  Areas of water stagnation can be created over time and lead to the development of rot or fungi.  

Cobra BITUDECK® joist tape helps to avoid wood decay occuring when deck screws penetrate the deck board surface, piercing the joist sub-framing under the deck.


Noise dampening membrane

Cobra® BITUDECK reduces sound resonance: the sound impact of shoes is more pronounced on wood than on stone.  The use of Cobra® BITUDECK joist tape will assist as a noise dampening membrane between deck boards and the joist.


Cobra® BITUDECK joist tape should be applied preferably at a temperature above 15°C.  

Clean the joist surface making sure it is dry and free of dust. Then peel off the tape backing film while applying directly to the surface. Firmly press the tape on the surface to make sure is well bonded. 

Technical documents

  • Product sheet- BITUDECK bitumen tape.pdf
  • COBRA-CATA2021-GB.pdf

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