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BITUDECK® Bitumen Strip

Increases the lifespan of your wooden joists

Simple and fast
All you need to know
  • Increases the lifespan of wooden joists
  • Waterproof - Absorbs sound resonance
  • Discreet matt black strip (no reflections between boards)
  • Resistant to all weather conditions
  • Cold self-adhesive, easy and practical to use

The solution for extending the life of your joists

BITUDECK® is a waterproofing strip consisting of a thick layer of bitumen covered by a matt black HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) film. It is sold in rolls of 10lm and covers approximately 4m² of decking.

Its 75mm width means it can cover all types of joist. It can be applied between +15°C and +35°C, on an unfrozen surface, but is easier to handle in hot weather.

This strip will considerably extend the life of your wooden joists, even more if they are well ventilated and protected from any standing water.

Installation of BITUDECK® tape

10 lm roll
1.5 mm thick
75 mm wide
Tensile strength
150 Newton
Nail tear resistance
25 Newton
Temperature range
-20°C to +70°C
0.3 Mpa, 120 min
Adhesive power

100% waterproof protection

Wood deck joists are subject to water run-off on their upper surface. Sensitive areas of water stagnation can develop over time, leading to rot or fungal growth. Effective protection of their surface to make them watertight will extend their life.

It effectively protects the joists of the structure from rain run-off. This guarantees the watertightness of the terrace and therefore its lifespan.

The Bitudeck® waterproofing strip, with its bitumen-based composition, prevents any infiltration onto the surface of the joists. The tips of the decking screws become twisted with bitumen as they penetrate the joist, providing a much more effective waterproofing point than a simple EPDM strip.

Increases the lifespan of joists

Resistance that stands the weathering

Its special composition based on elastomeric bitumen and resins offers a number of advantages to ensure the longevity of the installation. It resists tearing, deformation, temperature variations (-20°C to +50°C), bad weather, UV, corrosion and water vapor. The joists are protected to last as long as your boards, or even longer...

Reduces sound impact

BITUDECK® reduces sound resonance considerably: the sound impact of a shoe is greater on wood than on stone. The use of Bitudeck® tape halves the noise between the structural parts and the decking, just like a resilient strip.

A self-adhesive tape that's easy to apply

BITUDECK® tape is applied cold, preferably at a temperature above 10°C. Ideally, it should be applied between +15 and +35 degrees. Remove the protective strip on the underside of the self-adhesive part.

The self-adhesive part makes it easy to position on the joist, but the heat will melt the butyl and strengthen the adhesion over time.

Find out more about bituminous tape


Sold in rolls of 10 linear metres.


Available from terrace specialists and waterproofing professionals, you can contact us to be directed to one of our partners or consult our map of retailers by clicking here.


The bitumen strip should be applied between +15°C and +35°C, on a frost-free substrate.

Technical documents

  • Product sheet- BITUDECK bitumen tape.pdf
  • COBRA-CATA2021-GB.pdf

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