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Cobra® decking pads

Permanent and stable substructure

Facilitates installation
  • Drains water from under the deck
  • Quick and accurate levelling
  • Rot-proof, strong and UV-resistant
  • Different materials available

Extend the life of your substructure

Decking standards require the use of deck pads when laying decking joists on concrete ground.  Decking pads  drain rainwater under the joists, provide good ventilation, and avoide water stagnation rot issues.


Cobra® RUBBERPADS are made from recycled materials.  

They are very popular to build raised terraces. Widely used in gardens, patios, pools etc.

When joists are installed on rubber pads, water outflows easily when joists are laying parallel to slope.

Rubber pads are also practical in sound isolation and noise reduction. 


Flat pads helps water drainage under the joists of the deck.  The deck structure is protected from damp and from the rot issues caused by water traps.

Ground level variations may require adjustments in the positioning of the joists; the adjustable pads are perfectly suited to this.  They correct small height differences between the structure and the ground simply and quickly.



FORKPAD shape is perfectly design to hammering dowels for easy screwing and installation.

Equipped with a clip-on tab, they can be stacked on top of each others to reach the desired height, and can be easily held in place during fastening.

Very important to isolate the joist from the concrete ground and thus promoting water drainage under the deck, this pad is designed to extend the life of the structure. 



Our plastic interlocking wedges don't shrink, crack, rot or split.

They require no preparation and can be screwed through. They are very useful to make levelling adjsutements and aligning the joists under the deck.

They are used in pairs and provide a support block of consistent dimensions. The interlocking teeth are practical to make easy adjustments of the substructure. 

FLATPAD Box content

1 box contains : 

  • 50 pcs x 2 mm (red)
  • 50 pcs x 3 mm (green)
  • 50 pcs x 4 mm (yellow)
  • 50 pcs x 5 mm (blue)

Dimensions : Length 80 mm - Width 26 mm

FORKPAD Box content

1 box contains : 

  • 50 pcs x 2 mm (red)
  • 50 pcs x 3 mm (green)
  • 50 pcs x 4 mm (yellow)
  • 50 pcs x 5 mm (blue)

Dimensions : Length 60 mm - Width 40 mm

RUBBERPAD box content

RUBBERPAD are available in 2 thicknesses of 3 mm or 8 mm.  

1 box contains : 

  • 8mm pads : 24 pcs or 48 pcs
  • 3mm pads : 60 pcs


WEDGEPAD box content

1 box contains

  • 20 black pads 8-15mm
  • 20 brown pads 13-18mm
  • 20 green pads 18-30mm


cales pour lambourdes bois
cales pour lambourdes bois

Technical documents

  • Product sheet – Pads for decking.pdf
  • COBRA-CATA2021-GB.pdf

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