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Cobra® step drill

Drilling and countersinking tool

Simple and fast
Wood and WPC deck boards
  • Wood drill + Chamfering cutter with 5 blades
  • Height-adjustable drill bit with allen key
  • Compatible with Cobra screws M5x50 mm and M5x60 mm


4 x 11 x 25-40 mm
Compatible deck boards
Hardwood, heat treated, WPC
Joists made in Hardwood or softwood
Compatible screws
Cobra M5x50 mm et M5x60 mm
Number of blades
Bit height
Adjustable with Allen key

Drilling and countersinking in one step

The drill bit with adjustable height enables you to pre-drill holes with a diameter of 4 mm for use with stainless steel screws with a diameter of 5 or 6 mm. 

The drill bit height is adjusted with an Allen key (included).

5 cutting edges provide diameters of 8 to 10 mm to accommodate the screw head.  This prevents the deck boards from splitting and provides a perfectly smooth surface without any risk when walking barefoot on the deck.

Technical documents

  • Product sheet- Cobra step drill.pdf
  • COBRA-CATA2021-GB.pdf

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