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Cobra® LINER drilling template

Perfect alignment of the screws

Time saving
  • Ensures perfect alignment of the screws when screwing in the deck board
  • Guarantees 20 mm screw distance from the edge of the boards, in accordance with decking standards
  • Adjustable with all boards widths
  • Time saving, easy to use
  • Supplied with 4 DECK SPACERS included

How to use Cobra® LINER drilling template

Black lacquered steel
1 adjustable drilling template + 4 board spacers

A must have for anyone building a deck

The Cobra Liner metal drilling template is helpful to line decking screws in a straight line.  With its sliding system, the drilling template can be adjusted to all popular widths of decking boards. Designed for fast, precise and professional fastening of deck boards made from wood or WPC.



Simplified board assembly

Laying a deck has never been easier thanks to the Cobra® LINER drilling template.

Just set the template to the right position, and then screw your boards onto the joists. The result is a consistent placement of screws across your whole deck.

Cobra® LINER is supplied with 4 board spacers for even more precision and ease of use.

Box content

1 box of Cobra® LINER contains : 

  • Adjustable metal template
  • 4 board spacers 

Technical documents

  • Product sheet- Cobra LINER.pdf
  • COBRA-CATA2021-GB.pdf

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