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Cobra® LINER drilling template

To drill your boards easily and evenly

Time saving
All you need to know
  • Complies with 20mm screw spacing recommended
  • Adjustable to all decking board widths
  • Perfect alignment of screws
  • Strong and robust
  • Time-saving, easy to use
  • Sold with 4 DECKSPACER

Using the Cobra® LINER drilling template


Black lacquered steel
Suitable for boards widths up to 190 mm
Adjustable with two knobs
Complementary accessories

A universal drilling template

The Cobra Liner metal drilling template makes it easy to fit screws when installing your deck boards. With its sliding system, the drilling template adapts to all deck board widths.

Two screws are all you need for quick and easy installation. The template can be adjusted to suit your own decking. A universal tool, the Cobra Liner installation template can be used by anyone, for any deck.

Deck installation made easy

Installing a deck has never been easier with the Cobra Liner drilling template.

You jsut need to set the template once, and all you have to do is screw your boards onto the joists, without hesitation or error.

The Cobra Liner is supplied with 4 deck spacers for even greater precision and ease of use.

Using the CobraLiner drilling template

The Cobra Liner tool offers an automatic 20 mm recess, enabling the screw to be positioned accordingly with the minimum recess of 15 mm recommended, reinforcing the usefulness and necessity of the product.

By placing the template on the screws of the previous planks, you can align yourself quickly and easily to achieve professional, high-quality work.

This way, you can keep the alignment of the screws on the following boards throughout your terrace, speeding up installation. Cobra Liner can also be used at the end of a board to avoid splitting during screwing.

And to enhance its quality and precision, 4 board spacers are included. They keep the spaces between the boards uniform and guarantee clean, aesthetic work.

The Cobra Liner installation template is the tool you need to successfully install your decking without making any mistakes.


The COBRA LINER pack includes :

  • The COBRALINER template for even and clean deck screwing
  • 4 deckspacers for perfect alignment of the boards

Technical documents

  • COBRA_CATALOG_2024.pdf

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