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Cobra® ground screw

Strong, safe and long-lasting foundation

Quick to install
Strong and stable
  • Hot galvanized steel according to NF EN ISO 1461:2009 standard
  • Easy to install: No holes to dig, no concrete to pour, no earth to evacuate
  • Low cost : Less expensive than a concrete foundations
  • Strong : up to 450 kg of load compression
  • Removable L-shaped support included, compatible with most joists in the market
  • Flat bracket (sold separately) for fixing vertical posts
  • Easy to remove and reusable

Every deck deserves a stable foundation!

Cobra® ground screw creates strong, safe, long-lasting foundations for any decking construction in any landscape.  Compliant with building codes, it is easy and affordable to install, and ready to build on in few hours instead of days or weeks. A great alternative to concrete and deep foundations, Cobra® ground screws go where other construction solutions cannot, and are perfect for complex projects. 

All of our screws come with a "L" shaped bracket, adjustable in width  to accommodate most of joists available in the market.  Optional flat plates are available for attaching vertical posts.


25 cm to 55 cm height off the ground
Hot-dip galvanised steel according NF EN ISO 1461: 2009
Screw: 800/1200 mm (L) x 60 mm (diameter) x 3 mm (th)
L-shaped support: 800 mm (L) x 60 mm (diameter) x 3 mm (th)
Flat plate: 90x90 mm
Threaded pin diameter
16 mm

L-shaped bracket for decking joists

Cobra® ground screw is supplied with an adjustable "L" shaped bracket on a threaded rod.

The bracket can be adjusted to fit with any joist and support the decking structure.  

Post anchoring

A square flat plate is available to fix a vertical fence post, carport posts, etc. in just a few minutes.  


Better than concrete

Cobra® ground screw replaces and outperform concrete foundation. 

It has so many advantages : quick to install, strong and lighweight,  It also saves your time and effort: you do not have to carry heavy loads, dig deep holes, pour messy concrete and wait until it dries. 

Thanks to our Cobra® ground screw, you can skip that step and proceed directly with the construction of your deck subframe once the screws are in place. It takes less than 5 minutes to set a screw in place. 


2 available sizes

Cobra® ground screw is offered in 2 sizes to suit all projects:

  • 800 mm height
  • 1200 mm height

Each screw can support up to 450 kg. 

Compression test

A series of tests were carried out by a Cofrac accredited laboratory to determine its compressive strength on ground consisting of a mix of topsoil and slate backfill. 

Cobra® ground screw was tested in accordance with the French standard NF P 94-150-1 in type A1 loam soil.



Example using Cobra® ground screw to create a 45cm high raised deck. 

Steps to install Cobra® ground screw


Manual tool

The manual tool consists of an adjustable screwing bar, made of a pre-drilled tube so that the height of the bar can be adjusted as the screwing progresses (160cm span and 3mm thick).  

Electric driver tool

A 41mm diameter socket adapter has been specially designed to allow the use of an impact electric driver with a minimum power of 700W.  A kit of 3 nuts + bolts is used to secure the adapter to the ground screw. Screwing can then be carried out by 1 person (allow 5 minutes per screw).

Technical documents

  • Product sheet – Ground screws COBRA.pdf
  • COBRA-CATA2021-GB.pdf

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