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SPIRAL® Foundation Screw

An easy, economical and ecological alternative to concrete foundations

5 min per screw
Stable anchor
Resists sinking
All you need to know
  • Durable - Galvanized Steel
  • Robust - Body diameter 60 mm
  • Firm anchor – 75 mm thread
  • Tear-off resistance
  • Pressure resistance
  • Penetrating tip 65 x 38 x 4 mm
  • Head diameter 120 mm


Screw dimensions
Screw: 800/1200 mm (W) x 60 mm (diameter) x 3 mm (D)
L-Bracket: 800 mm (W) x 60 mm (diameter) x 3 mm (d)
Flat support: 90x90 mm
25 cm to 55 cm above ground height
Threaded rod diameter
16 mm
Hot-dip galvanized steel according to European standard NF EN ISO 1461:2009
Weight of screw + square
5.50 kg

A practical and ecological solution

The SPIRAL® Foundation Screw is a galvanized steel pole with a suitable thread to be driven in and firmly anchored to the ground. It allows to install perfectly stable and leveled wooden or aluminum structures that can withstand heavy loads. The installation is simplified thanks to the adjustments possibility and the correction of imperfections.

The foundation screw is suitable for all kinds of installations: decking, swimming pool, jacuzzi, carport, shelters… Available in several sizes and for different uses, it meets the need to correct steep slopes, to raise a structure or to create different deck levels without complicating the building.

This solution is a perfect alternative to creating a concrete slab. Less costly, less time-consuming foundation works that help preserve the garden and promote drainage into the soil.

The nature of the soil will define the type of screw and its correct installation.

The SPIRAL screw range®

Screws G800, G120 and 1500 for firm soils and backfill

(FD1577–1578-1806 / NL2804-2805-2806)

Galvanized steel - Din EN ISO 1461, Min 45 um
3 sizes available: 800, 1200 and 1500 mm
60 mm diameter
Head can be equiped with different types of installation brackets

S1200 screws for sandy and soft soils

(FD1807 / NL2808)

Design suitable for soft soils including sand
Better tear resistance
Length 1200 mm

P800 screw for poles

(FD1808 / NL2807)

Suitable for post installation
Cross brace provides greater resistance to lateral forces
Length 800 mm

The SPIRAL accessories®

Joist bracket

(FD1809 – NL2810)

L-shaped bracket to holp and fix battens or joists
Lateral and axial adjustment
200 mm adjustment threaded rod
M16 Nut

Multi-function support

(FD1221 – NL2618)

90 x 90 mm square bracket
Multiple mounting options
200 mm adjustment threaded rod
M16 Nut

Pole Supports

(FD1901 – NL2864 / FD1902 – NL2865)

U-shaped bracket for pole installation
2 sizes 90 x 90 and 120 x 120 mm
Height 150 mm & Thickness 3 mm
M16x50 central fixing screw and washer included 

Level correction Disc

(FD1904 – NL2866)

3 threaded rods to fit the foundation screw head
3 M12 nuts for easy and precise adjustment
4 mm disc thickness
Central opening for SPIRAL® accessories

Adapter for impact bolt gun

(FD0616 – NL2385)

Central fastening with a single screw for easy, fast and firm assembly
6 peripheral pins
Integrated level to control the verticality of the installation
M41 Hex Center Head

Manual screwing pole

(FD0615 – NL2384)

Screwing kit to anchor the foundation screw manually
Composed of a pre-drilled mat for the height adjustment of the bar as it is screwed
160cm wingspan and 3mm thickness, dimension offers a lever armfor for an easier screwing
3 bolts + nuts to secure the tool to the screw
The bar can be raised during screwing to facilitate pushing

Installing a deck on a SPIRAL® foundation screw

Warning, the use of foundation screws requires to check the absence of pipes or cables at the drilling points.

Technical documents

  • COBRA_CATALOG_2024.pdf

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