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Cobra® GEODECK geotextile felt

To prevent weeds from growing back under the deck

zoom matière du feutre geotextile
All you need to know
  • Prevents unwanted plant growth
  • Rot-proof polypropylene material
  • Keeps your soil well ventilated
  • Discreet black colour
  • Puncture-resistant


2 m (width) x 10 mm (length)
20 m2
0.55 mm
100 gsm
Black and opaque
Tear strength
0.413 kN (ISO 112236: 2006E)
Maximum elongation
Direction A: 132% / Other directions: 158
(ISO 10319 : 2015)
Width tension
Direction A: 13.6 kN/m - Other
rouleau de feutre geotextile

Use of GEODECK® geotextile felt

GEODECK® geotextile felt is used mainly in the gardening and landscaping sectors. This film is essential for creating your terrace on all types of ground, without concrete screed, such as sand, backfill, vegetal soil, etc.

In addition to terraces, Geodeck® felt can be used to create garden paths, petanque courts or to protect a liner.

It can be laid directly on loose soil to prevent weeds or the spread of tubers from invasive plants such as bamboo.

Qualities of Geodeck® geotextile felt

1 -
A permeable barrier
Geodeck® geotextile felt acts as a protective barrier, while allowing rainwater to pass through freely. Its permeability allows water to run off, prevents pockets of stagnant water and contributes to good ventilation of the underside of the terrace.

2 - A highly resistant film
Our Geodeck® geotextile felt is tightly woven to resist traction and root invasion. You'll need a cutter or a sharp pair of scissors to cut it to suit your needs.

3 - Better load distribution
The geotextile felt help to distributes evenly across the ground, the terrace's point of loads weighing down on the adjustable pedestals. This improves the overall stability of the structure.

Tips for installing geotextile felt

A 20cm overlap strip

Allow a 20cm overlap between 2 geotextile felts (i.e. around 10% per roll).

In special cases (where there is a lot of root tissue), it is possible to double the layers of geotextile felt to increase its strength. Mulching staples can be used to hold the film to the ground.

Technical documents

  • COBRA_CATALOG_2024.pdf

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