• Fastening clip references for wood or
    wood composite
  • Screws for decking COBRA
    fastening screws
    for decking boards
  • Simplify assembly of decking boards with COBRA tools

Cobra Fastener Manufacturer of fastening equipment and tools for wood decking

For over 15 years, our team of wood engineers working in close collaboration with manufacturers and installers has developed tools and invisible fastening systems for wood professionals.

Cobra fastening clips

Developed by a team of engineers specialized in wood and the construction of wood decking, the Cobra® clip is the result of over 5 years of study and constant improvement. It was designed to offer a simple, effective and long-lasting solution for fastening decking boards.

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Cobra D-Lock fastening clips

Cobra® D-Lock, the reference in standard clips for fastening wood or composite decking board.

Invisible standard fastening system for all types of decking boards with a width of 90 to 150mm and a minimum thickness of 20mm. The sleepers will preferably have a width of 70mm.

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Cobra WPC fastening screw

The Cobra WPC screws for traditional but invisible fastening of composite wood decking boards Install decking without resorting to invisible clips and prefer a "traditional" solution for screwing down the boards. Some clients prefer the rhythmic movement created by the consistent alignment of the screws.

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Cobra Razorspin fastening screws

A stainless steel self-drilling screw for fastening decking boards to sleepers The Razorspin® self-drilling screw in A2 stainless steel simplifies and optimizes the installation of wood decking. Very resistant, the screw fastens the decking boards to the sleepers and efficiently stabilizes the deck platform.

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COBRA WRENCH board straightener

The Cobra Wrench® is an ergonomic and innovative decking board straightener that is one-of-a kind in the market. It makes it easy to straighten boards victim to warping, bowing, and "banana effects" so you gain precious time when laying deck platforms.

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Deck Spacer board spacers

A certain space between decking boards must be maintained during installation so rain water and waste does not gather on the surface. The space between the boards differs depending on the type of material: natural wood or composite wood.

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COBRA LINER installation manual

The metal Cobra Liner drilling template ensures a perfect alignment of the screws when screwing down the decking boards. With its sliding system, the drilling template adapts to all decking board widths and allows for good calibration ...

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Cobra SMARTBIT tool

Cobra® smart bit tool e-drilling and Countersinking Tool is designed for decking and general woodworking. Discover our innovative tool, specially designed for an easy decking installation.

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Cobra clips

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Cobra D-Lock clips

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Our tools and fastening components for decking boards (clips, screws, etc.) are designed and manufactured to be totally invisible. See the pictures.

Physical testing

Our products are subject to numerous studies and laboratory testing so as to offer the most dependable and long-lasting results possible.

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