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Cobra® D-LOCK deck fastening clip

The universal, invisible fastener for your decking

Easy to install
Stable and durable
  • Universal clip for deck boards from 20 to 28 mm thick and 90 to 150 mm wide.
  • Fastening system adapted to non grooved decking boards
  • Provides ventilation under the board
  • Strong and resistant to humidity and extreme temperatures
  • Made of polymer material of the POM type: polyoxymethylene
  • Compatible with all wood decking and structure, with compulsory pre-drilling

Cobra® D-LOCK concept

Our Cobra® D-LOCK universal concealed fastening system is suitable for all types of ungrooved wooden or composite decking boards from 90 to 150 mm wide and 20 to 28 mm thickness.

The pack includes all needed components for your deck installation.  One pack covers a surface of 4m² with an average joist span of 50 cm, and for boards 140 mm wide.

Installation steps

Clip : POM (polyoxymethylene) type polymer
Screw : AISI304 stainless steel (A2)
Mechanical properties
250 kg before bending
350 kg before breaking
Content (1 pack)
110 fastening clips. Dimension: 23x60x8mm
15 Start/End clips
250 stainless steel screws: 4 x 25 mm
55 stainless steel screws: 4 x 40 mm
1 drilling template
4 DECKSPACER board spacers
Approx. 4m2 per kit

Cobra® D-LOCK pack content


  • 110 clips: 23x60x8mm
  • 15 Start/End clips
  • 250 screws: 4 x 25 mm
  • 55 screws: 4 x 40 mm
  • 1 metal drilling template
  • 4 DECKSPACER® board spacers
formule POM

POM, a high quality polymer

Cobra® D-LOCK clip is made of polyoxymethylene (POM), a reinforced polymer material. Thanks to its structure and high crystallinity, POM provides excellent physical and mechanical characteristics: high tensile and impact resistance, excellent fatigue resistance, and very good resistance to chemical products.  This material is particularly resistant to extreme temperatures  from -30°C to +50°C.

Board ventilation and drainage

COBRA® D-LOCK clips are 8mm thick and separate the deck board from the joists.  The clip allows good air and water circulation between the joist and the deck board.

This is an advantage compared to traditional fastening systems that place the board directly on the joist. 

test technique à l'arrachement

High mechanical properties

Cobra® D-LOCK withstands more than 250kg before bending and more than 350kg before breakage

Mechanical tests were carried out by the ICAM institute in France, to make sure the clip suitable for most types of decking boards.

We recommend the use of kiln-dried wood at 18% (+-2%), naturally stable and more particularly thermo pine, thermo bamboo, thermo ash, exotic species: Ipé, Itauba, Garapa, Padouk, Louro gamella. For other species, please consult us.

Installation in 4 steps

The Cobra® D-LOCK is very easy to install using the drilling template included in the kit.  The drilling template is a metal bracket that allows pre-drilling to be done directly on the deck board, at the right spot.  The Cobra® D-LOCK clips can then be screwed with no positioning errors.

Here are the 4 installation steps and how to use the different components provided in the kit:

  1. START: Position and attach the first board with the Start/End clips.
  2. NEXT: Attach the following  boards with the standard Cobra® D-LOCK clip.
  3. CROSS: Attach 2 boards at the junction on the same joist
  4. END: Attach the last board with the Start/End clips
Step 1

Position the Cobra D-lock clips using the drilling template

Step 2

Flip back the deck board.

Step 3

The deck board is placed against the previous board.

Step 4

The DECKSPACER board spacers are used to secure the right spacing between the boards side to side

Technical documents

  • COBRA_CATALOG_2024.pdf

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